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     On September 11, 2001 the world in which we live changed.  As the terrorist attack on our homeland unfolded,  it became clear that many innocent people would perish.   These people came from many walks of life, many races, many religions and many creeds.  They were a diverse group of people that well represented the beliefs and core values on which our nation was founded……..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.. 


      In the years after September 11, 2001 it has become an obvious necessity for ALL law enforcement officials to take an equally proactive approach in combating the existing terrorist and criminal threat.   


      The men and women of law enforcement must receive the training necessary to be well prepared for the challenges of recognizing and removing these dangerous criminals from our society while protecting innocent citizens.   Civilian law enforcement plays a pivotal role in combating the continual threat that has become an every day reality on our nations highways.


-Ray Herndon


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God" 

Matthew 5:9



 DIAMONDBACK TRAINING, LLC was founded by Ray Herndon, a nationally recognized veteran law enforcement officer whose daily responsibility is commercial motor vehicle criminal interdiction.  Ray is directly responsible for locating, seizing and removing over $70 million worth of illegal contraband from our nations highways and communities as well as many major criminals apprehended.  Ray has had a parallel career in the trucking/transportation industry for over 25 years both as a business/small fleet owner and employee/driver.  Ray has an intricate industry knowledge that is unparalleled.  As Diamondback's lead instructor, Ray will teach the attendees from an industry stand point how to identify those operating for criminal gain.  Diamondback associate instructors are all active veteran law enforcement officers that have had tremendous success in exposing the criminal element in the transportation industry.


Available Courses

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Diamondback Training, LLC offers several courses for law enforcement ranging from an 8 hour classroom CMV overview to a full 32 hour comprehensive hands on seminar. We have the ability to custom fit a school for your needs with some or all of our equipment and displays. Diamondback Training, LLC has assembled a fleet of modern CMV equipment for an authentic learning experience. Many were actually owned by criminal organizations and are outfitted with elaborate concealments. Our 32 hour seminar includes a block of instruction on cargo tanks and the potential terrorist threat.
Diamondback Training, LLC offers multiple free seminars for Law Enforcement at our facilities on specified days.  Please visit "Scheduled Events" for available days and registration information.
Diamondback Training, LLC also offers an 8 hour course for transportation industry officials that instructs them on how to properly screen driver/applicants and identify those whose purpose is criminal activity instead of operating to industry standard. The course is designed to identify high risk employees and how to minimize the threat for the company’s equipment to be exploited. This course is designed to assist the transportation industry and law enforcement in forming a partnership to promote highway safety thus protecting the communities in which we live in a post 9/11 era.
Our target class size is 40-50 students but larger or smaller groups can be accommodated.
Please use the “contact us” link on our homepage to discuss your training opportunity.

Topics of Instruction

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CMV’s and the existing Terrorist Threat 

CMV Legal Considerations/Ethics/Guiding Principles for Success
Identifying runaways, sex offenders & victims of sex crimes in CMV's / Human Trafficking
Identifying stolen CMV equipment, stolen cargo and counterfeit goods
In-depth instruction on required documents, paperwork and drivers record of duty status (log books) 

Rapid assessment of CMV’s 

Interviewing the CMV driver
Hands on systematic search techniques
Cargo tank presentation, how tanks are exploited and the terrorist potential 

Static display of truck components including: reefer units, fuel tanks, tires, rear differentials, engines and much more
Load displays- over twelve types of freight to assist with the learning experience

Over twenty pieces of CMV equipment

Complete report writing and courtroom testimony 

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